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The Regional Higher Education Recruitment Consortia (HERC) are composed of colleges, universities, medical schools, research institutes, museums and other employers in various regions of the U.S. who work together to recruit and retain the most talented and diverse faculty, staff, and administrators to their institutions. Visit or the regional sites for access to the job board, all webinars and other resources. Institutions interested in joining (there are no individual memberships), should contact the region of interest.

Greater Chicago Midwest HERC
Greater Oregon HERC
Greater Washington State HERC
Metro New York Southern Connecticut HERC
Michigan HERC
Mid-Atlantic HERC
New England HERC
New Jersey/Eastern PA/Delaware HERC
North Texas HERC
Northern California HERC
Ohio-Western Pennsylvania-West Virginia
St. Louis Regional HERC
Southern California HERC
Upper Midwest HERC
South Central Gulf Texas HERC
Upstate New York HERC

The Regional HERC websites and job postings can also be accessed via the National HERC website portal at The National HERC was established to help the regional HERCs accomplish their goals and to promote HERC-wide visibility.