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Formed in 2001 out of Philadelphia (PA), Reilly has become a much sought-after band known for a unique blend of rock and dueling violins. Their live sound and personal depth has landed them attention by the music industry and a growing number of loyal fans throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Nick Kulb of Creation Fest comments, "Reilly brings a fresh music style that resonates with a diverse crowd. They are extremely entertaining... A must at any festival."

Accompanying lead singer John Reilly is the versatile violin duo Dan and Noele Huie, bassist Matthew Bomberger, and drummer Jordan Lenhoff. The band was formed during their college years through the ministry group Campus Crusade for Christ, where they discovered a mutual love for music and ministry at regional conferences, jam sessions and local shows.

Over nine years later, Reilly can be found rockin' the main stage at major festivals including Creation, LifeLight, Cornerstone, Purple Door, Alive and many others, and performs with Switchfoot, Newsboys, and Jars of Clay. They recently joined a tour with BarlowGirl. In 2010, Reilly was invited to play at several festivals across Europe and has since built a following overseas. In addition to hours of radio play across the U.S., they've appeared on TV news shows NBC 10 and INDY TV.

The band released their third independent album, Around the World, in June 2010, and has two other albums, Let June Decide (2007) and While I Was on Earth (2005). The heart of Reilly is to love God and serve others through music and lyrics that illuminate His promises. With their album Around the World, $1 from each copy sold is donated to global ministries that help the poor or share the gospel.

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