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He was born in Salvador di Bahia in Brazil in 1975. Ha started his musical career on the road, playing on paint pots and pans that he found, and in this way he started his way with Samba de Roda , Capoeira groups.
Thanks to this ,in Reinaldo was born at first the passion for percussion and song, then for the drums.
In 1992 he became a professionist and started to Play with local emerging groups, traveling around Bahia ...but Reinaldo had on objective: to play instrumental music. In the same period he got to know many musicians with the same interests, at the beginning Reinaldo organized Jam Session on his terrace during the week and when Saturday arrived he played in the Jam Session in Solar do Unhao, here he met and played with famous instrumental musicians from Bahia and Brazil.
At the same time Reinaldo still wanted to go further in this way , he started to meet frequently his friends to talk and play great music together finally arriving at a high level , he became classified as one of the best drummers of Salvador, the “drummer session” playing and recording with many musical artists of the Regional Baiana and MPB, (Brazilian popular music.)
In 1997 Reinaldo, changed his way of life by leaving Baiana music to travel to the area more internal of the state of Bahia. Here he learnt to play regional music characterized by an extreme simplicity and started to be part of the dance groups Banda Baile..... these are groups that are hided in the Bahia countryside where famous groups do not arrive.
Their performances are originated from their own houses and they travel by bus, taking their equipment with them. They play from 22:00 to 04:00 with a 30 min rest at midnight, they play 70’s covers to todays music ....(unfortunately these don’t exist anymore) playing all types of music from twist to pop, listening for the details from the old albums and the K7.
In 1999 Reinaldo returned to Salvador and restarted to frequent the Jam de Solar do Unhao and began to collaborate with many artists of National and International level (see realese) he did many tournee’ in Brazil with different groups.
In 2003 ....for love Reinaldo travelled to Italy and built a new musical world but still remembering his Brazilian roots. He began playing in Italy with many well known names hat represent the Brazilian music. Reinaldo found the perseverance to want to change and he started becoming interested in compassion and also at the same time participated in various Jam Sessions in Rome, becoming part of the Latin Jazz scene in Italy (see realese). Here was born the dream to record his first album and in 2012 he left for Brazil , taking with him his compositions and many ideas.... here he meets his best friend Mikael Mutti (musician, composer, producer) here his first album was born called “Origem”. (Roots)
This album remembers the friendship and respect towards his origins.
Today Reinaldo has taken part in various National and International Festivals taking with him the deep sensibility of his music with the freedom and spirit of Jazz.
Regional Brazilian Jazz

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