Reinier van Oorsouw

Utrecht, The Netherlands

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tel: +31 (0) 6 14 800 217
Utrecht, The Netherlands

I'm Reinier van Oorsouw, 22 y-o, living in The Netherlands. I work as a freelance filmmaker for Dutch television, great events, production companies, organizations.

I work in productions usually as a cameraman and/or editor. Next to that I'm also available for work on a set directing or assisting.

Have you got work for me? Let me know!

Some examples of former clients are:
Lonely Planet
Discovery Channel
CQC (Veronica)
SBS6 (Shownieuws)
Radio 3FM Serious Talent
Radio 3FM Serious Request
Amsterdam Dakar Challenge
Red Sea Challenge
Spotzer Media
Telegraaf Video
Radio 538 North Sea Race

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