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    2012 Favorites

    by Remyyy

    11 Videos

  3. 01:06:50


    by Remyyy

    19 Videos

    Videos I'd like to see on my wall.

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    SoundCloud Sound Bites

    by Remyyy

    8 Videos

    SoundCloud : "we give you an image, a video, a sound, or some other bit of inspiration, and you’ve got the weekend to create something... a song, a field recording, a spoken poem, or whatever…

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    7 Days

    by Remyyy

    7 Videos

    I asked Vimeo Users on Tumblr for a theme/idea each day of the week. The morning I had my subject and had to think/shoot/edit the video during the day.

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    Mix old film

    by Remyyy

    17 Videos

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