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Video debris and exhibitions daring you to test history with the future...

Jeremy Melsha has been a staple of St. Louis experimental music and noise scene in St. Louis since the early 90’s. He was a founding member of the art/prog rock band Captain Captain and the underground label Rendered High Records.
His recent video work isn’t so much a transition into a new medium; it is more of a visual extension of his preexisting work in audio. Watching Melsha’s videos it becomes hard to imagine the audio without the music, and vice-versa – the two mediums become one seamless unit. Just as his experimental music tends to be a patchwork of disjointed ideas, an assemblage of somewhat humorous yet devastatingly bucolic sounds, his imagery is a rhythmically similar collage of found video clips mangled in such a way as to be just as brutal albeit tongue in cheek as the music it helps present.

Jeremy Melsha
Saint Louis, MO. USA.


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