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New York, NY

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”The Super Photographer” Rennie RenWah is a New York based photographer who's been shooting since High school. His passion for this medium was seeded by his father whom also was a seasoned photographer. RenWah's inspiration evolves from a plethora of everyday elements & most importantly life. He shoots what he has already pictured in his mind, & that which is spontaneous.
“He is an artist who sees the world as marble to which his camera is the chisel”.
No seriously, minus the previous embellishment-I am that of which this introduction states.

I’ve studied relentlessly and continue to do so in order to become the best period, that it, that all.

I shoot Strobe, Natural, & Constant light photography and also I shoot a dynamic range of subject material. My mission is to preserve images in time, images that span the spectrum of light, life, & mind.

"Share the art" – Rennie RenWah

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