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NMM is an annual international media art festival in Norrköping, Sweden. The festival premiered in 2006 and is devoted to innovative works and projects in electronic art, media, music and visualization. NMM has become one of the most important media festivals in the Nordic Region – attracting an impressive line-up of renowned and upcoming international artists on the media arts and electronic music scene.

NMM invites to a dialogue between a wide range of artists, media activists and academics working within the realms of digital art and culture. With a focus on current trends, research and technologies, the festival encourages interdisciplinary discussion and participation.

The program of the festival focuses on an investigation of the contemporary visualization production, a discussion of emerging theories, a presentation of the most recent and significant research projects, a development of the relationships between art and the media. The program is articulated through the presentation of the most recent and significant multimedia productions realized worldwide, installations, meetings and workshops with the protagonists of the international debate.

NMM is supported by the Municipality of Norrköping, Regional Development Council Östsam and arranged in collaboration with Interactive Institute, Norrköping Visualization Center and Norrköping Science Park.

NMM is arranged by the non-profit organization Resistans.

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