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Oklahoma City based video production since 1990. I love taking your ideas and turning them into real projects to highlight your products or services. I am a Red Epic owner/operator and have been shooting Red since 2008. Contact me and let's figure out how I can serve you! Don't let the Oklahoma City base fool you, I love to travel as well!


  1. Cinetics
  2. Colin Legg
  3. Brian Christopher Cates
  4. Koon Vega
  5. Andrew Walker
  6. Limelyte Studios
  7. Traveling Storytellers
  8. Freefly
  9. Micah Brown
  10. Juan Melara
  11. Mike Olbinski
  12. RED Digital Cinema
  13. Tonaci Tran
  14. Joseph Hutson
  16. Mark Toia
  17. Vincent Laforet
  18. Blake Sullivan

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