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(Bolton, UK, 1982) Chris Marsh is an award winning filmmaker and video artist from the North West. Both BA and MA at the University of Wales, Lampeter in Film Studies and Video Production, leaving in 2010 after a period of both study and Lecturing at Southport College for 3 years.

Since then Marsh has completed a number of short videos and video art pieces both in the UK and US. His work focusing primarily on the concept of social exclusion, the disjointed nature of groups and the sexual misery that occurs within these walls. Works such as Spotter (2011), Dry Mouth (2012) and the award winning The Passing of Mother Prudence (2011) completes the main spine of his prior work.

Currently involved with a number of video projects, most notably the soon to be released Rhombus (2013), Northern Bastards (2014), Liquid City AKA Night of the Demons (2014) and the current international feature film collaboration Blue Noon (2015). His shorter works now comprise more surrealist erotica dealing with trauma and metal.

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