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The Re:Voir collection offers both classics of the avant-garde (American underground films: Maya Deren, Jonas Mekas or Stan Brakhage; European Avant-Garde cinema: Hans Richter, Len Lye, Isidore Isou...) and films by contemporary artists who have chosen cinema as their means of expression (Martin Arnold and Jeff Scher, among others).

Our collection offers an international panorama of experimental film. Bilingual booklets (French/English) accompany most of the items.

The Re:Voir Video project is to make available a collection of video reproductions of experimental, avant-garde films. The name of the company suggests that these video reproductions (VHS and DVD) should be considered a way of seeing films again, after having seen them in their original format: on film. We take a special care that the reproduction be as close as possible to the work on film, mastered from internegatives or new prints and respecting color, cadence and framing.



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