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  1. 50:44

    Less Under the Tree, More for the World!

    by Rexdale Alliance Church

    8 Videos

    2013 saw the introduction of a "Global Poor" emphasis at Rexdale, focusing on encouraging us to give less to ourselves and more to those living in poverty around the world. These videos…

  2. 17:02

    Christmas Eve 2013

    by Rexdale Alliance Church

    4 Videos

    Snippits of Christmas Eve 2013 at Rexdale Alliance Church (5pm).

  3. 26:57

    Kairos Youth Worship Teams August 2013

    by Rexdale Alliance Church

    10 Videos

    A collection of songs as sung by our Kairos teams under the direction of our worship intern Joel Lise.

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  5. 38:39

    Good Friday 2013

    by Rexdale Alliance Church

    5 Videos

    A collection of clips from Good Friday 2013 at RAC.

  6. 13:41

    Easter 2012

    by Rexdale Alliance Church

    3 Videos

    Easter morning, April 8 2012 9am service

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