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Reyna is a graduate of The Art Institute of Dallas of Digital Filmmaking and Video Production program. She loved movies and television from an early age, actually preferring them to the more common "playing with toys." Her father's involvement in the world of film only solidified this interest for her. Reyna would accompany him onto film sets as he acted, and eventually as he also wrote and produced. Everything about the set interested her: the people, the equipment, the director's power.

Today, she is fulfilling her lifelong dream of working in the entertainment industry, enjoying all phases of filmmaking from pre-production to post-production. She has already had the chance to work on two short films: one for the Art Institute's Horror Race called Emily (winning first place) and another for the TXU Film Contest called Domi Cile (again, winning first place). Her deadline, budget, and cooperative skills make her a great producer. In 2013 she put her skills to work on her first feature film, a Christian Hispanic film (Herencia de mi Padre), as the producer and the assistant director.

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