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Rhoda Gachui was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She studied journalism at the United States
International University, Africa. She has ten years of experience in the media industry, having worked
as a cameraperson, director, producer, presenter and scriptwriter on various projects ranging from
documentaries, infomercials, advertisements and TV shows. She has also been a writer for a couple of
local magazines in Kenya.

Rhoda has earned media awards such as Religious Writer of the Year at the Kenyan Journalist of the
Year Awards (JOYA), in 2005. The award was in recognition of her documentaries on Kenya’s religions,
which were aired on Tazama! - a Kenyan TV and Radio show. She was also nominated as the Children’s
Rights Journalist of the Year and Education Journalist of the Year, at the same award ceremony for her
work on Tazama!

Over the years, media has been for Rhoda, a point of growth to entertain, educate and engage others as
well as herself, in meaningful conversations on various topics. She has been an advocate for telling the
stories that need to be told; stories that have been ignored or forgotten, yet they reflect a social need.


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