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Rhyme Spitters is a Chicago-based, MC freestyle tournament and documentary film event. Four documentaries have been made so far between 2004 and 2007. These events and films showcase and capture the brilliance of freestyle battling, where critical observations are made in rhyme-form, and go back and forth until the better MC is found.

The mission of rhymespitters.com is to network everyone in the game and to speed-up the discovery of the best battle-emcees. The online audience decides who's best as they vote-on battles embedded from YouTube. People vote for the winner and on the verbal ability, originality, and physical energy of each MC. These votes are then compiled to give emcees yearly "averages" much like batters get in major league baseball.

The whole point of a tournament is to find the best and celebrate their skills. It’s not always easy to discover, but the process creates real competitive drama. Nothing compares to the intensity of two skillful MCs battling, and when they step-up they’re not just risking their reputations as wordsmiths or as critical observers of life and their opponents, they’re putting on the line something at their core. Call it their ego, call it their energy. Either way, it’s connected to their soul.

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