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Hilo, Hawaii

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From an early age Ria Razzauti fell in love with art, architecture, and design. As a toddler she would often sneak off with her mothers interior design books spending hours perusing their contents. As she got a little older she started seeing things in a new perspective and would often surprise her family by rearranging the furniture in their home. When she attended elementary and middle school, arts and crafts became the favorite part of all her assignments. It never seemed to matter whether it was sewing decorative pillows or building jewelry boxes—no detail escaped her scrutiny.
Her first bout with celebrity in the world of art came during high school. One of her teachers, unbeknownst to her, submitted one of her pencil-drawn self-portraits into a national competition, which won her a trip to Washington, DC as the representative of Hawaii for the Annual Congressional Art Caucus. She got a tour of the White House, but more than that, she got inspired.
She went on from there to study music, dance, photography, and art both in Hawaii and San Francisco but found the formal setting of school a little restricting. After finishing a graphic design course she finally hit her stride and found solid footing as to how her art would transpire. It would take shape by combining everything she’d learned into mixed media presentations.
Her first and foremost thought about her creative process is that it arrives in the form of “spontaneous outbursts”. She began creating her digitally manipulated self-portraits in 2006.  What started out as a lark eventually became a passion for her in the form of, thus far, 30 pieces that are emotionally ‘lit’ with color, imagination, and courage.
Each portrait describes a little something about her and expresses through vision, sound, and movement what she cannot put into words. Having lost both parents in her twenties, it has become a place of healing and self-expression. The colorful, sometime bizarrely configured portraits explore raw emotions and captures pieces, perspectives, and passion from her heart and soul.
“I’m hiding in the portraits while at the same time trying to express how both life and death have affected me”, Razzauti says. “It’s about feeling the energy and frustration inside of me that wants to burst out as I try to find the peace within.”

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