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Portuguese film director. Works mainly in Experimental and Documentary genres. Usually films with many film formats, from 8mm to Super16 or video HD. Has a long list of experimental super8 films. The great majority of his analog films are hand-developed in his laboratory.


  1. Masha Godovannaya
  2. Daniela Zahlner
  3. Margaret Rorison
  4. lealar
  5. TIE Cinema
  6. Juan David González Monroy
  8. Process Reversal
  9. datebook
  10. Labo Tuerto
  11. La Revolucion es Ahora!
  12. ORWONA
  13. Jessica Pizana Roberts
  14. Stefan Grabowski
  15. Islam el Azzazi
  16. Cinetis
  17. Freddy Van de Putte
  18. Filmtransfer

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