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Richard E. Hyman the Author of “FROGMEN”
The True Story of My Journeys With Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the Crew of Calypso

Richard first worked for Cousteau in 1973, just out of high school. He drove a supply truck from Los Angeles to the Canadian wilderness and worked with Cree Native Americans building a cabin for the Cousteau team to winter in and film Beavers of the North Country. Subsequent journeys included diving in Florida's warm springs with manatee and off the panhandle with stone crabs. Months later he flew to Mexico's Yucatán and boarded Calypso, a relatively small and unsteady wooden ship, and camped on the uninhabited Contoy Island to study and film "The Incredible Migration of the Spiny Lobsters". From there he sailed south along the 180-mile Belize Barrier Reef, filming the spawning of thousands of grouper, "The Fish that Swallowed Jonah", and a visit from singer songwriter John Denver. On his final voyage, en route to Venezuela, he experienced treacherous dives on the USS Monitor shipwreck off North Carolina, skeletons inside wrecks off Martinique, and the death of Jacques Cousteau’s son, Philippe.

FROGMEN is an inspiring true adventure of a young man who pays homage to one of the greatest explorers and visionaries of all time.

Cousteau was a three-time Academy Award winner, received 40 Emmy nominations and created 100 films. He also co-invented the aqua-lung.

John Denver wrote “Calypso”, a hit that went gold worldwide.

Stories about life aboard Calypso with Cousteau, once one of the most recognized names in the world, should interest all age groups and both genders of the general public, particularly adventurers, Denver fans, divers, environmentalists, photographers, travel buffs, and videographers.

FROGMEN is available in soft cover & eBook

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