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My Name is Richard Hpa and welcome to Richard Hpa Design. Im a 20 year old Media Designer from Wellington, New Zealand. I am currently in my last year of university studying Media Design at Victoria University in Wellington. Originally from England I moved here in 1997. Even though I have lived in New Zealand since I was 3, im still British at heart. I attended Scots College in Wellington, it was there when I really decided I wanted to become a Designer. In 2011 I started university, originally wanting to do Industrial Design but quickly moved to Media Design.

I specialize in App development and 3D modeling. I also am really interested in Game Design and have also been apart of several small games which you can see in my gallery. I work extremely well in a group. Most of my best and favorite works were made in a group assignment. I often try and bring my love for music into my work, and have incorporated that into several of my projects.

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