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Richard Jett: Cinematographer/Editor and HDSLR Filmmaker -

I have produced, shot and directed non-profit and corporate projects both locally and abroad, have traveled extensively both professionally and personally, and I am passionate about cinematography and filmmaking. I am comfortable handling all aspects of production (pre-production, directing, shooting and editing) either on my own or with a team. Working for travel shows and with my camera package has given me the ability to work independently, quickly, innovatively and with great flexibility.
I can take your story from initial filming through post production, or he can work with your team on a single part of the production.

At heart, I am a storyteller and yet am fully aware of the practical and logistical needs of a business and its clients. One of my strengths is helping someone (an individual, an organization or a company) to “find their story” and then creating a vivid and compelling video efficiently and succinctly but one with heart and passion.

Credits, equipment list and sample stories can be found at the

Better still, contact Richard Jett at:
415-388-3330 -

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