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Celebrity Fashion Designer Richard Lowe

Richard is an acclaimed designer of celebrity eveningwear. His private label Haute Couture house, "Hamathan House," operates on multiple continents for celebrities and dignitaries world-wide. Hamathan House is invitation only, and Richard is proud of the clientele' it services; including Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony and Grammy Award winners.

His renowned eveningwear and special-occasion pieces have won awards in numerous countries, and been placed on display in museums and galleries in the USA and Canada. His masterful cuts, beautiful fits, and distinctive style make his work easily recognizable. Although many of his clients are private, you will likely see him with many of them on the red carpet, or in print media. Richard is also the inventor of the, Patent Pending, 1-Piece evening gown, and numerous fashion lines.

His wide range of skills has spanned globally from International Non-profit Management to International Trade and Marketing in the Fashion Design industries. Based in NYC his Fashion Services company offers a wide range of industry skills and consulting services. Trained at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City, Richard brings years of experience, classical education, training and on the job knowledge to brands and clients globally.

Richard is very active in philanthropy and an advocate for important causes from Childrens Issues to AIDS to Equal/Gay Rights to Poverty and Economic Development. Richard is a huge supporter of the Visual and Performing Arts. He has been able to have a positive impact and make a difference with organizations such as the United Nations, RED Campaign, Project H.E.L.P., Bonnaroo, UNICEF, Jason Foundation, FORD Foundation, and many more.

Richard is currently the International Creative Director of Spiegel LLC in NYC.

"May your passion for fashion always be a guiding light in the darkest of closets!"
-Richard Lowe

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