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I am an aspiring Natural History and Documentary Cameraman with a B.A. in Wildlife and Media from the University of Cumbria and an M.A. in Wildlife Documentary Production from the University of Salford. In the summer of last year, one of my collaborative university films (Barbara Roberts – Mother of all Hedgehogs) won an award at the 'Wildlife Conservation Film Festival' in New York for best Family/Children conservation film.

Since completing my studies I have been working at Films@59 as a post-production runner and learning a huge amount about how the industry works, while, in my own time, continuing my enthusiasm for wildlife photography and developing a new found interest in time-lapse cinematography. I own a 3-axis motion control time-lapse dolly, a Flycam 3000 Steadicam and have space to film moving plant time-lapses in a controlled studio environment at home. My working camera is a Canon 550D.

My interests include wildlife, nature and all things extreme. I believe there is always a good story to be told and would love to be the one to tell those stories.

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