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I have now been employed as a photographer for twenty-five years, since starting out at the Herts & Essex Observer in Bishop’s Stortford, whilst still at Newport Free Grammar School.

From this important grounding in the industry, I made the leap to Fleet Street, London where I worked photographing news, Royal Family and entertainment events, which included terrorist bombings, Princess Diana’s Funeral and many, many film premieres. During this period, I was also the set photographer at The Big Breakfast and T.F.I. Friday on Channel 4 and was lucky enough to photograph live events for the images to be used to promote the shows in the media.

In my spare time, I continue my obsession with photography, shooting portraits and reportage on a regular basis. My photographic influences are Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Henri Cartier Bresson, Annie Leibowitz, Stephen Shore and William Eggleston.

A few years ago I began using Lomography cameras as a challenge to myself into taking better pictures with a plastic camera, which has brought me forward to today and the explosion of iPhonography and social media that now dominates our lives.

Contrary to popular belief, I can confirm that I am not the hypnotist Paul McKenna.

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