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Aneudis Ricardo Rodriguez is best known in the film industry as A. Ricky "RickyTaki" Rodriguez. Ricky is a talented Freelancer, Director, & cinematographer. With over 12 years of experience. Ricky has worked as a director of photography, video editor, and production assistant. Having a wide variety of work experience, his portfolio consists of documentaries, commercials, marketing corporate videos, and EFP/ENG Broadcast Television network productions. The passion and fire for video production was ignited in Ricky at a young age. His enthusiasm for the art could best be seen in the distinctive cinematography style he portrays. Ricky’s goal is to expand his talents and be recognized in the entertainment industry as a director and cinematographer. Above all else, Ricky believes in his work and hopes that his videos inspire his viewers as the actual art of filmmaking inspire him.

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