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We think watersports are the best sports in the world, and we know you agree !!!

Riding Magazine is about passions, passions that are really difficult to share… If you know what it feels to travel for hours and hours by car, by plane or by boat to find the perfect conditions, if you know how exciting it is to discover a new spot for the first time, if you know what it feels to be on the beach, alone in the morning, facing the sea before a good session, if you know what it feels to see all the forecast turning red announcing an epic day… Riding Magazine is for you !

Watersports are unique because they provide some amazingly strong personnal sensations that are sublimed when they are shared. If it is a great feeling to ride a wave, it’s an even stronger one to share a session with good friends. We would like to build a new way of sharing those magic moments, a place where surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, could share what make their passions so strong and powerful.

We think that have more to share than beaches and playgrounds : what we can share is a way of life, a philosophy…

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