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Rigoberto Castañeda is a mexican film director with more than 20 years in the industry. He studied in one of the most prestigious film schools in the wold at Mexico City - Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (C.C.C.) -.

As a director, he started making short films and music videos. "Necrophilia" ´97 and "Senseless" ´02 the most important pieces of this first stage, winning the audience award in San Sebastián, and others in London, Clermont Ferrand, etc...

He writes and directs the horror film “Km 31” ´07, the most successful mexican film that year, being the top of the box-office (even over american productions) for 5 weeks. Now, it is still the 3rd film of all time at the mexican box-office. This "Opera Prima" (first film) also took the Mexican Academy Awards to itself, getting 5 awards.

“Blackout” ´08, is his 2nd film, hired by the british Capitol Films to direct the Hitchcockean psychological thriller. This film had an international distribution, and a very good reception with the thriller fan audience...

In TV series he has been directing and producing several titles, like M13DOS (13 Fears) ´08, Terminales ´09, Paramedics ´12, etc...

He has a lot of experience in Advertising, starting in the field in 1992, he worked in almost every field existing on a set, he´s first direction jobs where discontinuous between films and tv series, that´s why he´s actual directing debut in advertising has been just a few years ago, in 2010 he started at one of the finnest production companies in the world, working for important brands like Honda, Pepsico and Procter & Gamble...


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