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Rite Coffee™ is gourmet coffee packaged in a single serve filter. The packaging is unique, and the brewing system is proprietary. Rite Coffee’s offering is freshly roasted and ground Q-Graded coffees that are packaged in nitrogen protected single serve drip filter bags that support themselves on a proprietary BrewStand™ (patent pending) above the coffee cup. Drip Coffee is freshly brewed when hot water is poured through the exclusive CenterDrip™ filter. After the drip process is finished the cup is removed and served leaving no mess on the counter top. The biodegradable filter and grounds are discarded at the users’ leisure. This is the richest tasting, gourmet, single serve coffee you can brew without grinding your own beans. This does not require an expensive brewing machine, and it is not instant coffee. It is pour-over made easy.

If you can boil water, you can have a Coffee Experience the RITE way.

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