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Animation/Effects Artist/Filmmaker. Owner & Director: Interface Arts.
Time-Lapse Cinematographer: Accelerated Images.
University Professor: Pratt Institute & The University of the Arts.
"Experimental Animation Zone",
"Cameraless Film Art"
"The Stop Motion Channel"
and "Animation Stands"
Creator: "Accelerated Images", "Ad Infinitum" "Experimental Film Animation" and "Cinemagraphics" Groups
also "Pratt and U-Arts Film & Animation Groups" on Vimeo
Moderator: Making Stop Motion, Yeahvle TV, and NYC Film & Video Activists on Vimeo
Please also check out my
"Experimental Animation Group" on facebook


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  8. Film Club Productions
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  12. Dan Britt
  13. Dvein
  14. Carine Khalife
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