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RmAn = Artist, Director, Art Director, DoP, Editor, & Purveyor of Fine & Funky Digital Media...
RmAn has worked for MTV, KFC, ABC, NBC, ESPN and a bunch of other letters...but in the end, I am
an all in all good chap...
I make films, videos, spots, content & such...If you would like a video...
contact manresamedia@gmail.com
vimeo.com/channels/rman RmAn Reel Page
vimeo.com/channels/393083 The ART of Behind the Scenes
vimeo.com/channels/339681 The Fun Show


  1. GalloPinto TV
  2. VJ H
  3. Accord Productions
  4. Moving Picture Media
  5. Poncho Films
  6. Mr. X Inc.
  7. Storm Harding
  8. Logan Stewart
  9. Real Estate 4 Ransom
  10. Pablo Apiolazza
  11. whoispablo
  12. Weldon Byrns
  14. Nina Paley
  15. Bennet Pimpinella
  16. mizugitvidol
  17. Zooppa
  18. Pablo Larcuen

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