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Rob Deutschman is a native of Southern California. He has been creating images since he was old enough to hold a crayon. Moving on to paint brushes and sculptor's tools, he graduated with a degree in fine art.

Shooting for model's portfolios while going to school was one way Rob earned money to pay for college. When he graduated, all the things he loved about fine art and photography came together and made a career as a fashion photographer the obvious choice.

Rob has traveled the globe shooting fashion and advertising in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

One more thing the world of fashion has brought Rob is his wife, wardrobe stylist and fashion editor Sybile Kohn. They met on a job and have been collaborating on shoots ever since.

Their greatest collaboration so far is their son Kian. They live in Los Angeles, but are most happy when they are somewhere neat the ocean taking pictures.

"There is only one sun and it lights the entire world. Find that light and use it to make something beautiful. That to me is photography."

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