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A space of research and experimentation created in 2011. Our research and interests area are focused on 3D Projection Mapping, Stereoscopic installation, Data Visualization, Creative Coding.
Collaborations and sharing are the essence of our inquiry.

Our aim is to spread a knowledge that could become collective and to create a net that could enlarge creativity thanks to interdisciplinary exchanges. At the moment we are based in Bologna with the aim to move to Chianti, Firenze near the hills to open a center for experimental and interdisciplinary arts.
This is our dream and if you want to contribute to our projects come to visit us, you’re welcome.

Roberto Fazio (born in Germany, 1978) is a creative director , interaction designer and teacher based in Bologna, Italy. Roberto Fazio’s work explores the aesthetic and sensorial possibilities of linking 3d visual mapping, interaction design and code creative programming, aiming to create visual experiences turned into a course of sensory perception. In recent years his research has mainly focused on 3d architectural mapping projects; his work has dealt with the conception and production of 3d contents expressly designed for large buildings.

Roberto helds talks and workshops about 3d architectural mapping at private companies, institutes and festivals.

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