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  1. OVERLAP: Laboratory of Audio/Visual Anthropology

    by Ricardo Greene joined

    277 Videos / 474 Members

    OVERLAP is a network platform that provides a space of reunion and screening for audiovisual researchers dealing with the theoretical, ethical and aesthetical questions of representation and subjectivity. We…

  2. Visual Anthropology: Manchester

    by GCVA Manchester joined

    163 Videos / 191 Members

    Visual Anthropology: Manchester' Vimeo Group An open group for sharing Ethnographic Films & Sensory Media Projects completed by Students, Staff and Alumni of the Granada Centre for Visual…

  3. DoTank

    by Aurash Khawarzad joined

    18 Videos / 17 Members

    DoTank is an interdisciplinary organization that works to improve the commons by being a Do-Tank, as opposed to a Think-Tank, for urbanism. We use action-planning to create a positive loop of experimentation…

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