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  1. 33:31


    by Rob Lindsay

    11 Videos

    An introductory cross-section of different types of clip produced by Birmingham Royal Ballet.

  2. 37:39

    E=mc² video diaries

    by Rob Lindsay

    10 Videos

    David Bintley created the one-act ballet E=mc² in 2009, recording candid video diaries throughout the process. Here you can see the full collection.

  3. 05:30

    Sleeping Beauty

    by Rob Lindsay

    3 Videos

    A collection of videos relating to Birmingham Royal Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty.

  4. 00:00


    by Rob Lindsay

    9 Videos

    Videos for the News and Features section of the Birmingham Royal Ballet website

  5. 00:00


    by Rob Lindsay

    3 Videos

    Behind-the-scenes of David Bintley and Carl Davis' production of Cyrano.

  6. 00:00


    by Rob Lindsay

    13 Videos

    Videos charting progress on Birmingham Royal Ballet's new production of Cinderella

  7. 00:00


    by Rob Lindsay

    8 Videos

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