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Chicago Filmmaker, Animator, and Entertainer. My work has been screened on public access, SAIC's Time Arts Festival at Gene Siskel Film Center, and various other places around Chicago

Warning: All videos have been compressed. For a better quality of my work or copy of DVD feel free to contact me at


  1. derek weber
  2. ToM Cat
  3. Megan Lavender Petri
  4. Riley Lynch
  5. David Torres II
  6. Jake Myers
  7. Matt O'Shaughnessy
  8. Zhuo Yun Chen
  9. James Duesing
  10. Phil Mucci
  11. Everything Is Terrible!
  12. Eric Wareheim
  13. David OReilly
  14. Sarah Ver Hoeve
  15. Jerzy Rose
  16. will frank
  17. Carlos F. Enriquez
  18. Borscht

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