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Rockhouse Motion is an elite task force, armed with a bunch of overpriced camera gear and a trio of overactive imaginations, and battle hardened from the flash and burn of tungstens and LEDs. This team of asset assassins stand at the ready to respond to any and all threats to market share, brand image, or boredom. They respond quickly and with ruthless efficiency to any and all calls to action, and leave behind them a wake of overloaded hard drives and empty beef jerky packages.

As a multinational imaging squadron, Rockhouse has circumvented the globe in pursuit of the ever elusive “stuff that looks cool”. Similar to the Navy’s elite, Rockhouse is a SEAL (Sea Air Land) Team, and can function in any environment on our great planet that you can afford to send them, as long as there is occasional daylight and luke-cold beer.

Alongside their grit, experience, talent, and ‘rejected Braveheart extras’ appearances, this team has the gift of perspective, and as these paragraphs hopefully demonstrate, take their work much more seriously than they do themselves.

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