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Rock Point Community Church is a local church in Chattanooga, Tennessee that is in strategic partnership with North Point Ministries in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We do so by creating environments where people are encouraged and equipped to develop intimacy with God, community with insiders, and influence with outsiders.

We are designed to function like a home. We invite guests to the foyer, develop friendships in the living room, and grow as a family around the kitchen table.

Service @ 9:00 am and 11:00 am
9:00am we are offering:
Waumba (Birth- PreK), UpStreet (K-5th), Transit (6th-8th), Adult Service
11:00 am:
Waumba (Birth- PreK), UpStreet (K-5th), InsideOut (9th-12th), Adult Service

We would love for you to join us each Sunday at 9:00am or 11:00 am at Rock Point in worshiping our GOD, our CREATOR, our SAVIOR, and our KING.

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