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Roger Nygard
Director / Producer / Editor / Writer

Roger Nygard has directed the NBC series THE OFFICE, FOX’s THE BERNIE MAC SHOW, HBO’s THE MIND OF THE MARRIED MAN, the DisneyXD series ZEKE & LUTHER, as well as having edited the FX series THE LEAGUE and Emmy and ACE nominated episodes of HBO's CURB YOR ENTHUSIASM. He has directed commercials for Kia, Boost Mobile, DisneyXD, CBS, TBS, and others. He also co-created & directed the spec pilot THE RESULTS TEAM!; and for CMT the pilot presentation THE BOOK OF JED, and TBS’s OBERON’S WENCHES.

Roger Nygard has made several award-winning, independent feature films, most notorious being TREKKIES, a documentary about the most obsessive sci-fi fans in the Universe. Also a comedy starring Steve Oedekerk called, HIGH STRUNG, an action picture called, BACK TO BACK: AMERICAN YAKUZA 2, the car salesman drama SUCKERS, and a mockumentary titled, SIX DAYS IN ROSWELL. His most recent documentary is about THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE, in which he asks why are we here, and what are we supposed to do about it?

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