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my medium is video and poetry
i see art as both a political process and a personal journey
it's political because the solutions that we need to find for the problems and conflicts that exist in our world are more apparent and abundant when we are in touch with our creativity
and it's personal because that act of creativity brings me a feeling of elation and fulfillment
one way the community of all human beings can be felt is in the creative act
- the big bang that created everything also created us - we are part of the bang and so is our urge to create (our own big bang if you will) there is no limit - this is something we share with the trees (who are create oxygen) and the stars (who are create the elements - including those found on earth) and the earth which has created us

my gear includes a canon xf100 a canon HV30 a bunch of mics an iphone 4S a flip camera and FCPX

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