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Robin Mahieux was born on December 24th in Albi (France). He grew up in a large family (nine children). His parents, who are artists, gave him the opportunity to experience the world very early. Indeed, he practiced theater for 12 years, drums for seven years and visual arts for four years.

At the age of twelve years old, Robin has mounted using the sibling of a construction project for a school a library in northern Burkina Faso, supported by the support of the association scenefusion burkina, and the region Midi Pyrenees.
During this school, Robin will leave in Burkina Faso under extreme conditions: sleep on the floor for months, eating rice every day and lose 10 pounds after a disease.

In 2007, Robin finished the high school and joined the Montreal Film School "Cinema course" to get a BA in film production recognized by Canada and France, in 2010.

Robin traveled to China, Japan, USA, Canada, Europe, which enabled him to work with artists and companies on film projects, music video, including Quentin Gauthier, fckn CREW, Film Royale, Dress Royale, Lions of Puxi, Le Mouv' ( French radio) and many other artists.

Currently there are a total of 100,000 people having seen the videos on youtube. But this is only the beginning.
And it's only because you are here. Thank you.

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