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I am primarily an independent/freelance FCP7/Adobe Premiere editor, however, I have experience in writing both scripts and articles, shooting video on everything from consumer grade to professional level camcorders, lighting and cinematography, and dabble in motion graphics and color correction. I also have a solid understanding of the social media side of things.

Most of editing work is long form webmercials for various businesses, organizations, and events. I have also done 30/60 second TV spots, multi cam live events, documentaries, and pieces for DVD release.

My writing experiences have mostly been through a high traffic music blog. I wrote reviews, did interviews, and wrote general articles. I was also an admin on the Facebook page for it, which grew by at least 20,000 people while I was running it. I have done some script writing, but not in a professional sense; just as a hobby.

I am proficient in the Final Cut Studio suite, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop and many various video applications. I have working knowledge (or above) of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and DaVinci Resolve. Due to the constant evolution of this industry, I am always striving to learn new techniques, plugins, shortcuts, and of course, new software as needed.

With a strong background in editing (12 years total; 3 professional) I am confident I am ready for the next step in my career, whatever that may be. My end goal is to get into TV/motion picture editing.

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