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Ron Mason Gassaway is an established fine artist, film & theatre composer, live performer and commercial artist currently living in Portland, Oregon.

As a fine artist he has exhibited video & installation work at the ATA Gallery in San Francisco, the Portland Art Museum NW Film Center, the Taipei Biennial, the NW Film Forum and the PDX Film Festival. Additionally his video work has been included in the American University Shorts Filmography Collection.

Composing for film & theatre he has written and produced compositions for nationally renowned talents such as Holly Andres, Grace Carter, Karl Lind and Jennifer Robin.

As a live performer he is a founding member of the provocative improvisational group Party Killer, whose self-titled recording was described recently by internationally esteemed musicologist and psychedelic troubadour Julian Cope as "colossal".

Commercially he has contributed art direction, illustration and design to local businesses and international corporations such as Adidas, Nike, Dark Horse Comics, U.S. Bank, Intel, Microsoft, Adobe Systems and the Children’s Television Workshop.

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