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Rony Colon born in Ponce, PR at 3 am, on October 3 of 1980. I'm a 28 year old Digital Art and Design student studying at Full Sail University in Orlando. So far it has been almost two years of pure art experience. Before I came here I had never even imagine that I would study what many say is a natural talent that I have. I knew I was always creative and always had Ideas for so many things, but I did not know that my passion towards the arts was the engine that drove me forward.

My definition of art is the different ways people do certain things. What we first know about art came from the cave man. What many call a cave painting. Back then cave man did not know they were creating what we now call art. To them it was just telling a story a way of communication. Art could be a language, a culture, a feeling, an emotion, a verse, a song, music, the way you tell a story, the way you tell a joke. Art is the expression that differentiates you from the others. There is no right or wrong way of creating art. I want to thank everybody that has ever taken the time of showing me art because it's well appreciated. Thank you for sharing a personal piece of mind and heart with the world.

We are all different and have different ways of doing things.

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