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Rosie got her start in music at a young age. She grew up playing multiple instruments including the violin, piano, and percussion. She also has had a life long love affair with movie’s and particularly music in movies. Armed with her musicianship as well as this fascination for all different genres of music, she was off to Columbia College Chicago, to make a splash in the large ocean known as the music industry.

At Columbia, Rosie received a well-rounded education in instrumental performance, music theory, composition, and songwriting. However, it was towards the end of her freshman year of college when she stumbled upon her true calling in life. This obsession for movie soundtracks was actually a growing field in the industry. It was also a way for the massive amount of indie artist struggling to make it, to get their music, their gifts, heard by the general public. So today she is looking forward to graduation and her fruitful career as a Music Supervisor.
Her experience as a musician has included countless performances in various orchestras, jazz ensembles as well as an Afro Caribbean ensemble. She has also been a member of the fun and high-spirited Madison based samba group called the Handphibians. Her experience as a Music Supervisor has included some personal projects still in the works, as well as being involved with a prestigious music television station, JB TV.
Rosie Howe is graduation in the spring 2013, at which point she will be an independent Music Supervisor, but currently has no affiliations.
“ It is the love, the fascination, the effervescence of the artist that answers the reason to why we are all here…but it is the enterprise, the industry that continues the calling”.

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