Rosa Emilia Dias

Italy, Brazil

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Born in Salvador de Bahia under the star sign of Pisces, Rosa embraced music from an early age, when she started singing, dancing and playing percussion at parties for the orixás with her grandmother Emilia, a worshipped mãe-de-santo. She was only 14 when her voice was first recorded for radio jingles. However, it was in the prolific cultural scene of Rio de Janeiro, where she moved in 1983, that her artistic path started to take shape, with her debut solo album “Ultraleve”. In the late 80’s she landed in Italy, which was destined to become her adopted country. From that moment, her career progressed on two parallel fronts, on both sides of the ocean. Her style reached maturity in the circle of jazz and music authors, through important collaborations: in Brazil with Nelson Angelo, Sueli Costa, Danilo Caymmi, Jaques Morelenbaum, and Nelson Motta; in Italy with Fabrizio De Andrè – she recorded the Portuguese vocals in “Princesa” and “Anime Salve” – and with the pianist Renato Sellani, with whom she established an intense partnership. In her eclectic career, Rosa also explored genres such as lounge music - with the group Batuk with whom she recorded “Cruzeiro do sul” (2006) - and reggae, the genre that inspired “Nega Rosa” (1996) and characterised her collaboration with Pitura Freska. With “Baiana da Guanabara” (2006), and “Album de Retratos” (2009), she retrieved her deepest inspiration, linked to the sounds and colours of her homeland.