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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Roxana Spicer is addicted to story:

All kinds of stories, from one end of the globe to the other. Her career began as a CBC TV journalist, working major markets from Vancouver to Halifax and netting Journalist of the Year award in Atlantic Canada. When she moved behind the camera to become a director/producer, her long-form documentaries won national and international recognition for “the fifth estate”,“Contact with Hana Gartner” and “Marketplace”, logging 200 hours of credited directing on CBC’s flagship primetime information programs.

As one of the first CBC videographers, she filmed award-winning investigative stories in Belfast,
Moscow, Munich, and Havana. This season, she wrote and directed a series of short-form documentaries for prime-time Global TV: “High Drama” retraces the kidnapping of a Canadian couple in Ecuador, “Lost Childhood” exposes the abduction of Doukhobour children by RCMP in BC, and, on “Stolen Faces”, the shocking stories of acid attack victims.

Last year she undertook a research trip to the edge of Siberia, into the last remaining gulag in Russia, to Moscow’s KGB archives, and to a former SS barracks in Germany searching for clues about her mother, among
the records of 17.5 million Nazi victims, including the original Schindler’s list.

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