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Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

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Roxane Permar has worked in the field of public art and socially engaged practice since 1990. Processes of creative engagement, community consultation and inter-disciplinary collaboration underpin her practice. She works in response to issues of location, history and community, using a variety of media, including film, textiles, sound, live event and social exchange to realise projects, events and sculptural installations. Her work often employs creative collaboration, networking and participation. The materials and technologies she uses vary with each project and depend on each context and situation.

Permar was born in America and grew up in Pittsburgh. Her career has been based in the UK, where she lived and worked in London for twenty years before moving to the Shetland Islands (Scotland) in 2001. While the context of her adopted Shetland home has played an important influence on her work, her practice is situated locally, nationally and internationally. Since 2001 she has realised projects, undertaken commissions and exhibited in the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Currently she is working on a commission with Susan Timmins for the Luminate Festival in October 2013. Their work continues their research into sites associated with the Cold War in Shetland. She is also participating in SpaceLab's international Noise Project, Noise Intercepted.

Permar has received awards from national arts bodies in the United Kingdom, including Creative Scotland (formerly the Scottish Arts Council), the Arts Council of England and the British Council. In the last ten years she has also received international support from organisations in Germany, St Petersburg, Russia, the United States and Scandinavian countries including Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Throughout her career Permar has worked in art education and displayed a firm commitment to integrating processes for learning and teaching into her artwork. She has been a lecturer and visiting artist at colleges throughout the UK, including Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, Birmingham City University and Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, as well as working in schools, community and art gallery education. She has been a visiting artist at art colleges in Russia and the USA. Currently teaches part-time at Shetland College, University of the Hihlands and Islands.

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