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Welcome to R.Raven Video & Photography. (seeOURvision)

Founded by R. Raven (D.Padilla) [seeOURvision] is a video production company located in Chicago, Ilinois. We specialize in Music Videos, Short Films, and Commercial videos.

At [seeOURvision] we understand that a great work of art happens from the inside out. We have a true love for people, and consider the most beneficial element in obtaining the very best content is by being able to establish a sincere connection to you as an individual. Even before production begins, we take many extra steps toward finding out your hidden artistic desires and acknowledging the comfort zone that will best represent your characteristics and personal style.

To us, videos are a Fine Art Service-- one that requires strong technical skill as well as creativity.[seeOURvision] was founded on the belief that our work should, above all, capture the spirit, evoke emotion, and stir the heart. You will find yourself engaged in conversation, as we remain well-aware of your best expressions, capturing them as one would read a story.

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