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Rubina is a start-up social enterprise that surfaces designers and artisans who are working together to make innovative products by blending modern design and traditional craft. Our goal is to build a larger market and increase the knowledge and value of traditional craft within that market through design and story. We will be introducing an e-commerce and online editorial platform this summer through which we'll feature weekly products + stories of these collaborations by using video, photography, and written editorials. We believe that through the blend of craft, design, and story, rural women artisans are given a better chance at earning a sustainable income and preserving their traditional crafts that are currently dying out due to a lack of market access and industrial expansion.

We are currently piloting the concept in India through the summer 2012. This means we?re meeting with craft and design experts to refine our model, as well as commissioning designers, NGOs and companies that are working with artisans to make meaningful products while documenting their stories.

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