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Portugal, Lisbon

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I’m an independent computational designer creating and developing unique and playful interactive environments. My works are born from the intersection of various disciplines including illustration, animation and interaction design. By using programming languages and custom software as the main building blocks for my work I develop specific and adaptable systems which brake apart from the limitations of traditional tools. This allows the creation of surprising and innovative installations, where illustrative visuals interact with mediums ranging from physical interfaces to computer vision systems.
I have participated in various solo and collaborative projects for both artistic and institutional contexts including interactive performances and concerts, realtime generative visualizations and interactive installations. I have produced work for the London College of Fashion, Centro Cultural de Belém, Pavilion of Knowledge, Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Moda Lisboa, City Hall of Almada, National Ballet of Portugal, Monstra Animation Festival amongst others. My collaborations include Rui Horta, Micro Audio Waves, André Gonçalves, NearInteraction, Guilherme Martins and O Cubo.

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