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Rush Media Studio it's a digital film production studio based in Lima- Perú providing high end film production with the newest technology available in Perú. Most of our clients look for better image quality to comunicate what they really are, and in that particular business we aspire to be the best.

Rush Media Studio es un estudio de produccion de cine digital con base en Lima - Peru, que ofrece producciones audiovisuales de alta calidad con la ultima tecnologia disponible en Peru. Nuestros clientes buscan una mejor calidad en imagen para poder comunicar lo que realmente son. Y en ese negocio....aspiramos a ser los mejores.

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  1. Very nice article on PVC Brian, I wonder how did you attached the DJI's controller with the AC7 monitor...I can't see the model of the rig used in the picture where the controller seems to be zip-tied together with the Small HD monitor.???